Get the Original, ORIUS ARIX

ARIX, the original technology of diamond array since 2005. Throughout years of innovation, ARIX Generation-II features enhanced metallurgy, higher precision over diamond distribution and further aesthetical and functional design of diamondsegments over the ARIX product range.

Theory of ARIX Technology

ARIX technology is to evenly distribute diamond grits precisely in three dimensional patterns throughout your diamond tool. Even distribution of diamond grits ensures the best performance in every application.

Functional Arrangement of Diamond Grits

ARIX technology can place diamond grits in various arrangements. We wouldn’t blame you if you called ARIX an art rather then technology.


ARIX spacing

Comparison Chart

ARIX technology is far superior from other diamond cutting tools.
It is faster, more stable and more sustainable.

ARIX Technology
Normal Fast Cut
Normal Sustainable Cut Design
Conventional Products

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